The Blendification System Book is your manual for activating potential

“The Blendification System…is free from pretension and, instead, provides leaders with a viable and practical design for realizing goals they may find difficult to achieve by any other method.”
~ Magic Pen
"Reading this book can give insight into the author's dream of Blendification and hope that we can always improve our lives by applying principles and views that allow us to find new systems."
"I found Bruder's Blendification System filled with information that could be studied in depth by those seeking to improve the potential of their companies."
~ Mob York City
"When implementing this into my business, I saw much greater autonomy, leadership, and strategic efforts from the company and it enabled me to focus my efforts where they would have the greatest impact."
~ Amazon Book Review

The blendification system Book overview

The Blendification System is based on the belief that many organizations fail to maximize their potential because they simply do not comprehend the magnitude of their personal and collective untapped capabilities.

The Blendification System embraces the connection between culture, strategy, and execution using the Strategy Whiteboard, integrating emotional and system intelligence into the following three-step model:

Number 1 - Green

Strategic Analysis

Number 2 - Green

Strategic Focus, Outcomes, and Actions

Number 3 - Green

Strategic Execution

The Blendification System connects culture, strategy, and execution in a meaningful way that fosters an inspired workforce. By focusing on the unifying purpose within each organization, the platform promotes alignment between leadership and employees, setting a clear, strong foundation in which every individual can thrive. With this foundation in place, organizations activate their employee’s potential to improve the care they provide their customers. These individuals then become the spark that ignites community-wide advancement.

This is not a theory-based, philosophical book. This is an in-depth operating system by which organizations reshape their infrastructure to realize potential. The methodology outlined in The Blendification® System creates agile and efficient action maximizing success in periods of economic expansion and times of uncertainty such as the COVID-19 outbreak, the Great Recession, and 9/11. By following the structure outlined in The Blendification® System and using the Strategy Whiteboard, organizations will move beyond financial success to uplifting employees customers, and entire communities.

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