Activating potential by connecting culture, strategy, and execution

The Blendification System helped our company identify, develop, and implement meaningful solutions for our customers. This enhanced our company culture and enriched employees’ lives. We’re on the path to reaching our potential.”

-Toshi Akiyama | CEO, American DataBank Group

WHat is Blendification?

There has been a persistent natural blending within cultures and society for many years. The pace has accelerated recently as economic, technological, and social factors made us more mobile and multiple generations are living and working together. It is likely the speed at which societies will blend in the future will intensify. The connection between countries and communities is changing the world and creating countless opportunities to enrich and enhance the lives of everyone, everywhere.

Some of the natural connections that are experiencing this accelerating trend of unavoidable blending include:

  • Social and technological
  • Generational and demographic
  • Racial and ethnic
  • Work life and home life
  • Dimensions within business – The Blendification System

What is the blendification system?

The Blendification System embraces the natural propensity to connect within organizations and businesses. Blendification is the intentional action to embrace and align the connections that exist between the various dimensions of business. Specifically, it is the blending of business culture, strategy, and execution to activate greater organizational potential.

This is not having a mission statement, doing and annual strategic planning retreat, or conducting weekly sales and production meetings. This is a comprehensive process of designing, developing, and disseminating your culture, strategy, and execution platform so they are completely unified, complementary, and one relies and feeds the other. There is absolutely no separation. The Blendification System successfully activates leadership and organizational potential by connecting culture, strategy, and execution.


Many strategies fail because of execution but underneath execution is culture. When your culture does not have the capacity or capability to adapt, strategic execution will fail. Consequently, organizational culture must support and embrace the strategic platform and the internal execution model. 


Strategic plans tend to lose steam after the planning is finished when market conditions change and the urgent takes priority over the important.  If a strategic operating model is developed, (connected with culture and execution) rather than simply write a strategic plan, the opportunity to realize your potential is enhanced. 


An efficient and effective execution system embraces the organization’s culture to systematically implement strategy. Strategic execution is rooted in the company’s ability to harness a culture of agility in the face of uncertainty.  Execution completes the Blendification System.

Who Should Activate the Blendification System?

The Blendification System is the process for organizations and leaders to expand their impact leading to earned success and realized potential.  While the Blendification System engages, energizes, and aligns the entire organization, the system was designed for leaders and companies that:

  • use business to make a positive impact on employees, customers, and communities
  • are stagnant and stuck and the team is seeking a better way
  • are high-growth companies seeking accountability and shared ownership
Business as a catalyst3

Where Did the blendification system come from?

Dan Bruder believes that businesses have the ability to substantially impact communities through their products and people. With this idea in mind, he created The Blendification System which comes to life in book by the same name and a series of digital and face-to-face workshops blending culture, strategy, and execution.

The Blendification System evolved from Dan’s more than 30 years of leadership experience in global organizations, early stage companies, and startups, in industries from banking to hospitality. Blendification was initially introduced in the TEDx Talk, “The Blendification of Work and Life Builds Communities.”  It is also the platform for teaching in the MBA and Executive MBA programs at the University of Colorado, Boulder and Colorado State University.

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